Hello from West Contra Costa!

We are a team of undergraduates who attended West Contra Costa public schools and grew up in this city, using grassroots organizing to build power with our community.

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This Summer, We're Organizing for Action

The SFER-AN in West Contra Costa empowers local college students to return to their communities and fight for educational justice through community organizing, voter registration, and community awareness campaigns. The primary purpose of the this program is to change the political landscape of West Contra Costa by organizing communities in Richmond around educational equity. Together we are working to register 1000 new voters in Richmond and build a movement that will change the educational outcomes of kids in our community. Join Us.

Who We Are

college students fighting for equitable education

Anahi Hernandez

I graduated from St. Mary's High School and I am currently attending University of Nevada, Reno as a senior. The work I'm doing this summer is important to me because I believe every student deserves access to a quality education.

Brenda Contreras

I graduated from Richmond High School and currently attending Sacramento State. I know first hand how urgent it is for us to fix our broken educational system in WCCUSD. This is why I feel that it is my responsibility as a former student in WCCUSD to make sure our neighbors receive an education that prepares them for higher learning.

Dilan Pedraza

I'm a John F. Kennedy high school graduate, 2012, and I currently attend California State University, Chico. I am working with SFER AN because I believe that our community needs to be empowered and mobilized in order to make change.

Eduardo Martinez

I’m a Richmond High School alumni, 2012. I am currently attending UC Davis as a Senior. I value the work I am doing with SFER AN because I believe in equity for all. In that sense, I believe that every student should have access to a high quality education regardless of location, race, class, gender, sex, etc.

Enrique Cornejo

I graduated from Richmond High School, 2012. I am currently going into my fourth year at University of California, Irvine majoring in Political Science. This is my second year with SFER Action Network, and I've had a very positive experience working on the WCCUSD.

Francisco Garcia

I graduated from Richmond High School and I am currently attending Contra Costa College; I plan to graduate in 2017. This summer, I am an SFER Fellow to help register Richmond residents to vote in order to get citizens to voice who they believe can fill in the positions in office for School Board next year. Ultimately, my goal is to improve the quality of educational for all students in the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Jesus Pedraza

I attended Richmond High School and am now attending the Univeristy of California Santa Babara. I am with SFER to do my part in giving future generations the quality education I was not able to receive.

Jocelyn Garcia

I graduated from Richmond High School 2013. I'm a transfer student at Contra Costa College and I'll be soon attending UC Santa Barbara as a Communication major. I'm interested in becoming a mentor and role model to young students growing up in the WCCUSD to break stereotypes that affects the Richmond community. This is my first time working with SFER and I'm beyond excited to get involved with my community.

Kelssie Sontay

I am currently a student at the University of California-Santa Cruz. I graduated from John F. Kennedy high school in 2013, Go Eagles! I am here because I care about my community and believe that children growing up here should have access to higher education. The injustice in our education system has led me to be a part of SFER AN, in which I am gladly able to inform and spread awareness to the people of my community. We must work together and take action and represent the children of my hometown, Richmond.

Kerry Viengvilai

I am a political science undergraduate at UC Davis. I expect to graduate in 2017. However, I am a graduate of Richmond High School in WCCUSD. The work this summer allows me to become a leader within myself for the community that I live in. Richmond has shaped me into a student and the person I am today. Therefore, I want to do whatever it takes to preserve our pride and continue our purpose for a better future.

Lochlein Sekona

I graduated from St. Mary's College High School and I'm currently the dopest Philosophy major at the University of San Francisco. This is the second summer I've worked with SFER and in the WCCUSD and I'm here because I want all students in my community to have access to a quality education.

Luis Ledesma

I recently graduated from Leadership Public Schools Richmond, and I will be attending the University of California, Davis this fall. My major is Political Science- Public Service, and I plan to minor in Education. I am committed to the social responsibility of providing disadvantaged students with quality education based in supportive communities. Because of my experiences, my goal is to become a policy maker in the Department of Education so that more students can have access to a quality education, like the one I received.

Maricela Sanchez-Garcia

I am a Politics major at Whitman College. The high school I attended was Edward R. Roybal Learning Center in Los Angeles, California. I am working with Students For Education Reform because I want to empower the community and address education injustices. Though I may be an outsider, the problems that the West Contra Costa Unified School District face are not new and are also prevalent in the Los Angeles Unified School District.


I am a college graduate from Sacramento State University. I am also an alumni from McClymonds High School. Education was always important to me and it was the reason for my migration. From my experience, I witnessed that education was taken lightly and it has come to my attention that it's because parents have difficulty in learning more in depth information about the education system. This outcome is a result of not having a college culture environment in the community that pushes students to strive for a better education.

Raquel Antolin

I am a recent graduate from Sacramento State University. Growing up in Richmond and undergoing the West Contra Costa School district has gave me the opportunity to see all the injustices in the public education system. Therefore, I am here this summer creating a change by informing and mobilizing my community about how poor our education system is and how they can become involved.

Rodrigo Flores

I graduated from Richmond High School and I am currently attending the University of California, Berkeley 17'. This summer, I have dedicated my time to working with SFER Action Network. I have found a passionate group of like-minded students who believe in the power of education, who believe in our intrinsic right to an education. It is time to stand up for the children of WCCUSD.

Roxana Alejandre

I graduated from LPS-Richmond High School in 2009. I attended Cal State Hayward and I am currently studying at Contra Costa College. I joined SFER AN to empower a unified community, to use my voice to create change, and to hold our elected school board members accountable. My goal is to educate my community of what is affecting them. I want people to be involved in their child's education for they can learn about policies that impact their children.

Sayetsi Sanchez

I went to Richmond High School 13' and I currently attend UCLA 17'. The work we are doing at SFER really matters to me because I grew up in this community and I have family who are products in the WCCUSD. I want them to be able to have the education they deserve.

Walter Lacayo

I go to SFSU and I went to John O'Connell in San Francisco. I am participating in SFER this summer because I want to better my community. My friends that went to school in this district didn't have the same opportunity as me and therefore I'm here to make a difference.

Yaneiri Ochoa

I am a third year attending University of California, Davis. I graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 2013. Today, I am an SFER Fellow because I want to better the education system for children of marginalized communities. I believe in equality and community power.

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